Frank Matthews
Prison. Not the average place you would expect to find a prodigious and profound author. But that's where Frank Matthews honed his craft during the ten years he spent behind bars. The triumphant journey of Frank Matthews from inmate to author is no ordinary one. The New York City native grew up with aspirations of one day becoming a household name as an NBA superstar. His dream took a detour (but end result will be the same). The lure of the streets and its fast money took Matthews away from hoops and into another game—the drug trade—where he found instant success. But a deal gone bad eventually landed him behind bars. Once incarcerated, Matthews had few options of how to spend his seemingly unending time. Taking advantage of the still and silent nights, Matthews spent hours plunged into "fictional" worlds created by two of the most renowned storytellers in African-American history—Iceberg Slim and Donald Goines.