JL King
JL is a New York Times best-selling author of On The Down Low and Essence best-seller, Coming up from the Down Low. He is the poster-person for the phenomenon of men who live a double life—who are in relationships with women but having sex with men. He has been committed to shedding light on the "down low" phenomenon and urging men to be honest and to get tested for HIV. JL's expertise has been cited in more than a hundred national and international publications including Jet (cover), Newsweek, Time, Sister-to-Sister, Ebony, People, The New York Times, and Essence Magazine. He also has been featured on more than a thousand web sites. He has made guest television appearances on Oprah, PBS, BET, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, The Discover Health Channel and more than 150 national news shows. JL was even executive producer of the BET documentary about HIV in Black America that was the No. 1-watched documentary on BET in 2006. JL's workshops and presentations are the most controversial and widely discussed sessions at conferences throughout the nation. He has consulted with several national health and education organizations, and lectured at numerous universities and colleges throughout the country. He also has presented at over 150 state and national conferences. Named one The 50 Most Intriguing African Americans for 2004 in the November issue of Ebony magazine, JL is also the recipient of several awards for his work in educating people about the importance of getting tested for HIV and his work in motivating people to make healthy choices when it comes to sex has been commended by health officials around the world. When he is not working or writing, JL is the CEO of the Lillie Mae King Foundation, which he founded to provide financial support to black families who have been impacted by HIV/AIDS. JL lives in Atlanta, Georgia and is the proud father of two—both college graduates.