Karen Hunter
Karen is a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and has written seven NY Times best-sellers, including "I Make My Own Rules" (1997) with LL Cool J, "Ladies First" (1999) with Queen Latifah, "Wendy's Got the Heat" (2003) and "The Wendy Williams Experience" (2004) with Wendy Williams, and "On the Down Low" (2004) with AIDS activist JL King. Karen's first novel, "Drama is Her Middle Name," sold more than 57,000 copies in its first three weeks. Karen has also written the critically acclaimed "Al on America" with Rev. Al Sharpton, "Revelations" with Mason "Mase" Betha and "On the Up and Up" with Brenda Stone Browder. Karen started her career as a journalist with the New York Daily News and was a member of the paper's editorial board. In 2001 she was awarded her own column, becoming the first African-American woman to have a news column in the paper. In addition to her writing, Karen has served as Assistant Professor in the Film & Media Department at Hunter College for the past four years and was named Distinguished Lecturer in 2007. Prior to that, she was an adjunct professor at New York University